The Clear2Meet™ web and mobile app provide fully customizable daily health checks, test and vaccine tracking, and a full suite of flexible digital document management (COVID waivers, Participant Agreements, Consents to Treat, etc.). Featuring real-time alerts and secure cloud-based storage, Clear2Meet™ will help you get your members back together safely, systematically, and responsibly. We’re here to help.


Easy To Use

Clear2Meet™ can be completed daily in a matter of seconds via a mobile device, tablet or laptop.


Customize your questions

The Clear2Meet™ package includes the Clear2Meet™ Health Stat (memorializing body temperature, symptom, and proximity data), as well as templates and customizable surveys. Want to record who is driving to events? Who is in the carpool? Survey parents to see how the safety process is working? Whatever your survey needs are, we’ve got you covered.

In-App Alerts
In-App Alerts

In-App Alerts

In the event of impermissible temperature readings or possible virus symptoms, leaders and administrators are alerted and participants are not cleared to convene. With Clear2Meet™, organizations can screen potential participants in less than one minute a day.

Waivers & releases

The Clear2Meet™ document management system gives community organizations the ability to deliver, record, and report on acceptance of all releases and policy documents on convenient mobile devices. Clear2Meet™ brings organizations of all kinds an essential, convenient, and cost-effective way to reconvene safely and responsibly. Clear2Meet™ allows your institution the management of five documents. Use our COVID Release template or upload your own. Want to spell out policies and guidelines on social distancing, sanitation, transportation, parking and hallway traffic, and record every parent or family’s assent? Our Paperwork functionality allows you to effectively communicate, manage and record compliance with a digital signature or a simple checkbox assent. Do you have a Code of Conduct document that everyone in your community needs to sign? We’ve got you covered.

In-App Alerts


Clear2Meet™ costs $12 per user per year. To get started, community organizations are required to prepay for only the first 100 users. After the initial $1200, Clear2Meet will invoice your organization for additional users once a month.

In-App Alerts

Clear2Meet™ will also support vaccination validation, antibody test results, and other certifications when the data is more widely available.